BearSearch Android App

Advanced search in Google cloud on your Android-based device from one place - NO NEED to have G Suite service

  • Advanced search in Gmail
  • Advanced search in Drive
  • Advanced search in Contacts
  • Advanced search in Calendar
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Easily do advance searches in all your Google Cloud online services:
Gmail, Drive, Documents, Appointments, and Contacts directly from Bear Cloud Search application.

The application let you find exactly what you are looking for in seconds by its Advance search interface that let you input very easily search criteria like:

  • time frame (when the email/file was last edited or sent),
  • if the email has attachment or not,
  • what type of attachment/file you're looking for,
  • who sent the email,
  • size of the files,
  • the content of the email/ attachments or the files,
  • limit search results by adding search words that shouldn't appear in results,
  • and many more search criteria.

Easily do advanced search

Search in all applications you use in Google:

  • Gmail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Drive


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